Be Health-Wise: 2 Ways To Prepare For Your Laser Surgery

If you have not considered a visit to a chiropractor, make an appointment. Learn a little about how to prepare for the visit, and what to expect.

Be Health-Wise: 2 Ways To Prepare For Your Laser Surgery

18 February 2015
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Laser surgery is no different from regular surgery and should be treated with care. First, you need to make sure you listen to your laser surgery specialist and all of his or her recommendations. Second, you can consider the following 2 tips to make sure your surgery is a success.

1. Watch Out For Blood Thinners

You have probably heard of blood thinners, and chances are your laser surgery specialist told you to stay away from them. Blood thinners are generally good because they prevent heart disease and strokes. They even improve mental acuity, as it improves blood flow to your brain. But blood thinners are dangerous if you are about go into surgery because they may make you lose too much blood. 

The three ingredients that thin your blood are omega 3 fatty acids, salicylates and vitamin E. These ingredients clear your blood passages and inhibit vitamins that cause blood clots. The following are foods you should stay away from, as they will thin your blood:

  • Avocados
  • Garlic
  • Cayenne pepper
  • Curry powder
  • Ginger
  • Peppermint
  • Oranges
  • Raisins
  • Tangerines
  • Honey
  • Vinegar
  • Wine

You can ask your laser surgery specialist about other foods or certain blood-thinning medications to avoid before surgery. 

2. Strengthen Your Body Against Possible Infections

The fact is a part of your body will be exposed to instruments and the general elements of the environment. This could put you in danger of infections no matter how sterile your specialist is. 

You can fight any germ that tries to wiggle its way into your body with probiotics. Probiotics are live organisms, or good bacteria, that will stand and defend your body against germs. The reason probiotics are so helpful is because these may fight off infection post surgery. So make sure you consider adding the following foods to your diet before and after surgery to make sure you ward off infections:

  • Yogurt with probiotics
  • Aged cheeses
  • Milk and water kefir
  • Fermented vegetables (like sauerkraut or kimchi)
  • Kombucha (or fermented tea)
  • Tempeh (fermented soy)
  • Dried meats as long as they were fermented naturally

You can also try adding foods that contain vitamin C. Vitamin C, as you might remember learning from biology class, helps your white cells fight off infections should they penetrate into your body. Be sure to ask your laser surgery specialist about any other things you can do to keep yourself safe during surgery. And don't forget to add blood-thinning foods back to your diet after your surgery (when your specialist says it is OK). 

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