How To Wear Make-Up With Eyeglasses

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How To Wear Make-Up With Eyeglasses

18 February 2015
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It may not be anything that you think of when you first get your prescription for eyeglasses. You've worn make-up a certain way for a period of time, so why would you have to change just because you have glasses? Your glasses are going to make your make-up look more pronounced, so you want it to be as flawless as possible. See below for some make-up tips to wear with your new eyeglasses.

Natural Eyes

Wear less eye shadow, rather than a smoky eye, or colored shadow. When combined with your frames, it can be too overwhelming. The more natural look is best with your eyeglasses. If you still want some color, use eyeliner and add a bold red lipstick instead. Let your lips give you more color, rather than your eyes.

Primer, Primer, Primer

Since your frames and lenses will be accentuating your eyes, they are also going to accentuate your flaws. This means those wonderful little sparkles that fall off from your eye shadow will be more pronounced. Using a primer will help keep your make-up in place, rather than all over your face.


Using a concealer will help to get rid of those nasty under-eye circles, which will also be highlighted with your new eyeglasses. Use a concealer that blends well with the rest of your make-up. Adding highlighter to the inner corner of your eyes will help to brighten your eyes, and will take the attention away from the under-eye circles.


You can still use mascara with your eyeglasses. The use of mascara will help to brighten your eyes, so don't be afraid to use it.

Highlight Cheekbones

Highlight your cheekbones to help give your face more contours. If you don't have pronounced cheekbones, that's OK, using a bronzer will help give you the look of high cheekbones. Simply apply the bronzer just below your cheekbones and blend it in a bit. Add blush to your actual cheekbones to complete the look.

Stay In Proportion

Keep your make-up in line with your eyeglass frames. For instance, if you have thick frames, you can apply thicker bolder eyeliner and mascara. For thin frames, use simple mascara and a thin line of eyeliner. 

Your make-up should reflect your own personal style, just as your eyeglass frames should. Be careful when choosing frames: if you love bold make-up, then choose a bold eyeglass frame. If you're more reserved with your make-up, then go with thinner frames. Look for ideas at places like

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