Conjunctival Cyst: Common Questions And Concerns

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Conjunctival Cyst: Common Questions And Concerns

6 April 2016
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There are some eye conditions that you will immediately know are a cause for concern, but then there are those odd little irritations that may even take a few days to notice. A benign conjuctival cyst is the perfect example. These little cysts show up in the white of the eye and often look like a tiny clear bubble on the onset If you have discovered that you have what appears to be a conjunctival cyst, it is likely that you have a few questions. Here are a few of the questions you probably have about this strange eye problem and the real facts you will want to know.

What exactly are the symptoms of a conjunctival cyst?

Besides the visible clear, bubble-like cyst on the white part of your eye, a conjunctival cyst will usually be accompanied by some fairly mild symptoms. You may experience:

  • Itchiness

  • Red, irritation around the cyst or across your entire eye

  • Excessive tearing

  • A feeling of sand or grit in your eye

  • Slight pain when moving your eyes in a specific direction

  • Slight swelling of your affected eye upon waking

  • More sensitive than usual to bright light

How do you get a conjunctival cyst?

Conjunctival cysts often have no known cause that can be precisely diagnosed. You could have damaged the conjunctiva of your eye with a foreign body, such as an eyelash or damaged contact lens, which can cause an over-accumulation of cells at the injury point and form a cyst. Some people develop a conjunctival cyst as a reaction to allergens or after coming in contact with irritants in the atmosphere. Contrary to popular belief, the cysts are not contagious at all. However, if you have one conjunctival cyst, you may be more prone to seeing another develop in the future.

What can your optometrist do for a conjunctival cyst?

Even though conjunctival cysts are not a major concern, it is always best to have your optometrist check out the problem to ensure it is indeed just a benign cyst. The eye doctor may choose to rupture the cyst manually with a small needle if it is rather large or uncomfortable. However, in most cases, your optometrist will prescribe you eye drops to help alleviate the irritation and ask you to keep an eye on the cyst for further problems or development. The cyst will usually just shrink and go away on its own with time.

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