3 Tips to Help You Make Your Hearing Aids More Comfortable

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3 Tips to Help You Make Your Hearing Aids More Comfortable

14 February 2017
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Being able to hear clearly allows you to enjoy the companionship of others without interference. For those with hearing loss, wearing hearing aids can be an effective way to restore hearing. Unfortunately, wearing hearing aids can be a discomfort for some people.

If you find that your hearing aids are not fitting correctly, here are three tips that you can use to improve their comfort in the future.

1. Give your hearing aids a good cleaning.

As you wear your hearing aids, dirt and debris can collect on the surface of the case of the hearing aids over time. This dirt and debris can alter the way that your hearing aids fit, causing you to experience discomfort when using the devices to improve your hearing.

Taking the time to give your hearing aids a thorough cleaning could be a simple and effective way to restore the original fit of your hearing aids, allowing you to continue enjoying the amplification they provide without any added discomfort.

2. Visit your doctor to have your hearing aids molded again.

It's important to recognize that you will need to continue to have your hearing aids molded to the shape of your ears over the course of your lifetime. Ears are made from cartilage, a material that doesn't stop growing. This means that the size and shape of your ears could be constantly changing.

If you feel like your hearing aids just aren't fitting correctly anymore, then ear growth could be to blame. Your doctor will be able to mold the case of your hearing aids to the new shape of your ear, allowing the hearing devices to sit more comfortably against your skin in the future.

3. Consider a new style of hearing aid.

Sometimes, the style of hearing aids that you are wearing isn't well-suited to meet your needs. If you are wearing a behind-the-ear hearing aid and experiencing a lot of discomfort, you may want to talk to your doctor about switching to hearing aids that can be fitted to the ear canal itself.

If an in-the-ear hearing aid is the cause of your discomfort, then switching to a behind-the-ear model could alleviate your pain. Ask a doctor like those at County Hearing And Balance about the many different styles of hearing aids available on the market today to find the style best suited to your unique physiology.

Hearing aids can only serve as an asset if they fit comfortably. If you are experiencing discomfort when wearing your hearing aids, try cleaning them, having them re-molded, or switching to a new style to eliminate this discomfort in the future.

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