4 Ways To Communicate Better As An Ultrasound Technician

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4 Ways To Communicate Better As An Ultrasound Technician

13 July 2017
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Medical professionals who work as ultrasound technicians have the benefit of helping patients as well as having a type of expertise that makes them valuable. After becoming certified as an ultrasound technician you may find that you are meeting your employer's expectations but you may also desire to improve rapport with patients and their families. Show commitment to your profession by taking these four methods of better communication and applying them in your examination rooms to enhance your communication skills during ultrasound procedures:

1. Invite The Family Of Patients In If It Is Appropriate - As long as you won't be performing a transvaginal ultrasound it will probably be appropriate to invite the family of patients into the examination room. It is best to as the patient as to their preference, but many times extra moral support can be helpful. The patient will usually feel more comfortable when surrounded by loved ones, which can make it easier for you to get conclusive results.

2. Allow The Patient's Relatives To Move Their Seats - Everyone is going to be anxious to see the results of the ultrasound so if it isn't going to negatively impact your ability to work, encourage the patient's family to move so they can get the best view. You can tell the patient's relatives to move their chairs to an area that is away from your equipment and ask them nicely to put their chairs back when they are done. During the procedure, you will have fewer distractions as everyone will be fixated on the imaging screen.

3. Introduce Yourself In The Beginning - Make sure that your greeting is warm and heartfelt, and be sure to explain that you are a certified ultrasound technician. Just knowing that you are trained to perform ultrasounds can make everyone present more relaxed and easier to get along with. Making a formal introduction might also give you a better opportunity to transition into other subjects that make the procedure more pleasant for the patient.

4. Lay Out Each Step - Let your patients know before you apply ultrasound gel on their abdomen and even before you apply the wand to their skin. This may be a completely new experience for patients so you don't want them to tense up or feel alarmed when you go to the next step. Give everyone a head up, ask if they are comfortable and then proceed after you make direct eye contact and each ultrasound procedure will be completed with ease.

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