4 Tips For Recovering From Bunion Surgery

If you have not considered a visit to a chiropractor, make an appointment. Learn a little about how to prepare for the visit, and what to expect.

4 Tips For Recovering From Bunion Surgery

27 February 2018
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Taking care of your toes and feet is the key to staying mobile. However, you may be faced with a medical issue occasionally that could slow you down. For instance, having a bunion can be a painful experience, and it's possible you may need to have surgery to get better. Being aware of specific tips that will enable you to recover in the shortest amount of time can be helpful to you.

Tip #1: Wear a surgical boot

For optimal results and less recovery time, it's essential to invest in a surgical boot. This will allow you to continue walking only as needed but will keep your toe well protected.

It's ideal to purchase this item at your doctor's office so you'll have it when you get home and can begin to use it right after surgery.

Tip #2: Stay off your feet

It's in your best interest to rest for a few days after having this operation. Doing this will allow you to stay off your feet for the most extended amount of time and will allow you to see faster recovery results.

Be prepared beforehand by relying on either friends or family members to assist you during this challenging time. It's ideal to have another individual drive you to your appointment and take you home, as well.

Tip #3: Take pain medication

You may experience bouts of pain after having this procedure done, and it's ideal to speak to your doctor about prescription medication to help you feel better. Having these on hand is your best bet and will enable you to avoid having to run around after your surgery to obtain this medicine.

Tip #4: Change the dressings

The last thing you'll want to do is get an infection in your toe where you had the operation. This can happen unless you're sure to keep the dressing changed on a daily basis. 

It's essential to ensure this area is well cared for after having bunion surgery for proper healing and a decreased chance of infection.

You can get back on your feet and resume your daily activities if you need to have this type of operation. It will take time, effort and the right knowledge for you to do so. Be sure to work closely with your medical provider to assist in making this possible for you today and to get additional recovery tips that can ease your mind! To learn more, contact someone like Richard Moy DPY INC

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