Get Help With These Movements After Breast Augmentation Surgery

If you have not considered a visit to a chiropractor, make an appointment. Learn a little about how to prepare for the visit, and what to expect.

Get Help With These Movements After Breast Augmentation Surgery

26 March 2018
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Getting your breasts augmented is an exciting time for a woman who is anxious to change her physical appearance, but before she can fully feel as though this procedure is behind her, she'll need to go through the recovery process. When you visit a cosmetic surgery clinic for breast augmentation, your surgeon will carefully explain the recovery process to you. You'll need to plan to lie low for several days after the procedure, but this can be difficult for women who are anxious to get back to their daily routine. If you're in this situation and are eager to get moving, you need to remember to ask for help with certain tasks. Here are three movements for which you should get assistance.

Washing Your Hair

One of the more potentially challenging movements after a breast augmentation is lifting your arms. When you raise your arms, the skin on your chest will stretch to some degree, and this can pull on the incisions and cause you pain. Your surgeon will tell you exactly how long you have to wait before showering after your procedure, but once this time has elapsed, you may be eager to get washed. It's easy to begin to wash your hair before you realize that doing so is causing you pain, so don't hesitate to have your spouse or roommate help you in this regard.

Getting Dressed

After breast augmentation surgery, you'll be able to perform some of the movements that relate to getting dressed. For example, if you're seated on the edge of the bed, pulling a pair of loose pants on probably won't cause you any pain. When it comes to donning a shirt, however, you'll want to ask for help. Again, this is a movement that requires you to lift your arms over your head, which may result in discomfort. Having someone place a sweater or T-shirt over your head and pull it down for you is your best bet.

Reaching For Shelved Items

Whether you're looking for a certain ingredient in the kitchen or you're trying to grab a book to read or a DVD to watch while you recover, you may reach for something on a shelf before even thinking about the harm in doing so. Try to avoid getting anything that requires you to lift your arms. For such tasks, a spouse or family member — or even a neighbor, if no one is home with you and you have a close relationship with a neighbor — can grab whatever you need.

For more information, contact your breast augmentation surgeons.

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