Signs You Should Talk To Your Doctor About Allergy Testing

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Signs You Should Talk To Your Doctor About Allergy Testing

15 November 2021
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Allergy testing can be used to identify irritants you need to stay away from or to rule out an allergy when trying to diagnose some other illness. Here are a few signs that you should ask your doctor about getting some allergy tests.

1. You often feel like you're coming down with a cold

Many allergies cause respiratory symptoms, such as a runny or stuffy nose, a scratchy throat, or even an asthma attack if you're susceptible to those. Allergens that are airborne, such as mold spores, dust mites, and pollen, may cause these types of symptoms. If you often experience these or similar issues, talk to your doctor about getting allergy testing to help clarify the issue. If you do turn out to have allergies, you may be able to use allergy medication to help you avoid uncomfortable symptoms and awkward situations such as sneezing or coughing in public.

2. You have unexplained digestive complaints

In some cases, eating something you're allergic to can cause digestive issues. Keep in mind that just because eating a specific food item causes digestive distress doesn't mean you're allergic to it. You could be allergic, or you could simply have a food intolerance or some other issue causing the symptoms.

However, a food intolerance and a food allergy may have overlapping symptoms in some cases, (and some people could even have both). So any time you have unexplained digestive troubles, allergy testing could be something to consider. Make sure you tell your doctor what your symptoms are, how severe they are, and how long you've had them so your doctor can make the best diagnosis.

3. You have frequent skin problems

Rashes and hives are commonly known signs of an allergic reaction. However, allergies can also cause issues such as dry skin or dermatitis. If you frequently have these or similar skin issues and aren't sure why, talk to your physician or your dermatologist about getting some allergy tests. 

4. Other unexplained illnesses

Allergies don't always appear as a rash, a sneeze, or a stomach cramp. Different people may have different symptoms when encountering an allergen. If you have some unexplained symptom, especially a recurring one, that doctors can't explain, talk to your doctor about having some allergy testing to help rule out an allergic response while working towards a diagnosis.

These are some of the signs that could mean you may need some allergy testing done. Your doctor can help you assess the situation and decide if allergy testing is right for you. 

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