Six Signs That You Need An Addiction Recovery Program

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Six Signs That You Need An Addiction Recovery Program

18 February 2022
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No matter what the substance is—drugs, alcohol, gambling, pornography—addiction can ruin your life. Sometimes it's obvious when someone needs an addiction recovery program because they've already lost everything; they've hit rock bottom. But what if you haven't quite hit rock bottom yet? You still don't want to put off getting help. Here are six signs that you need some kind of addiction recovery program: 

1. You find yourself lying to everyone.

Maybe you and your spouse have always shared good times drinking together and they know you like to join your coworkers for happy hour. But if you now feel the need to hide from them just how much you've been drinking, you likely have a problem. Even if you aren't technically lying, this can include taking action to cover your tracks or purposefully being vague and omitting incriminating details about your activities and whereabouts. 

2. You need more and more of the substance to feel satisfied.

Maybe when you first started using your substance of choice, it honestly didn't seem that bad. It was fun, just a way to let off some steam. However, lately it seems like you've been using a lot more of the drug to get the same high or gambling higher amounts of money in order to get the same rush. If your usage is increasing, that's a sign that you need help soon.

3. Your relationships are suffering.

Perhaps your family has a harder time trusting you. Your friends wonder why you never hang out anymore. You've never felt more isolated. If your substance usage is taking priority over being there for your loved ones and you aren't connecting with them anymore, you could probably use an addiction treatment program.

4. You feel unsafe.

Odds are, if you're addicted, you're putting yourself in unsafe situations. Maybe the people you're now associating with are dangerous. Maybe you owe someone a lot of money and they're threatening you. Or your addiction could simply force you to go to sketchy parts of town or use needles you don't know are clean. If you feel unsafe, that's a sign you need help.

5. You don't take joy in your old hobbies.

Addiction is all-consuming. It forces your every thought to be about how to obtain that next high. If you haven't been interested in hobbies or events that you used to love because the substance usage is the more attractive option, then you likely need help.

6. You've already tried to stop by yourself and failed.

One of the biggest signs that you've lost control of your substance usage is that you've already tried to stop and haven't succeeded. Maybe you've even tried multiple times. You thought you could stop whenever you wanted, but now everything just feels out of your hands. If this is your case, swallow your pride and ask for help. Don't expect to push through this alone.

Addiction is serious and, in many cases, life-threatening. If you see some of these signs in yourself, don't delay getting help. Contact addiction recovery programs near you for more information.

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