At-Home Hyperbaric Chambers: A Useful Solution For Athletic Injuries

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At-Home Hyperbaric Chambers: A Useful Solution For Athletic Injuries

22 March 2022
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Athletes who suffer from repeated injuries may find recovery harder due to strained muscles, tendons, and other tissue. They may also experience troubles with their overall recovery that may make life difficult, such as worsening the condition by accident. Thankfully, there are unique treatment options like at-home hyperbaric chambers that may provide relief for athletes.

How At-Home Hyperbaric Chambers May Help Athletes

Hyperbaric chambers are a unique treatment option that provides the body with a heavy dose of concentrated oxygen. This option is designed to help repair wounded tissue and other damaged parts of the body by giving it more oxygen and allowing the cells to recover more effectively. When used with athletic injuries, amateur and professional athletes may find that it can help

  • Manage Swelling: After an injury, athletes may experience excessive and uncomfortable swelling that makes recovery difficult. Hyperbaric chambers can help by providing their tissue with a steady oxygen flow that decreases swelling and helps them get back on their feet.
  • Decrease Tissue Damage: Damaged tissue can make injury recovery much more difficult for athletes, particularly those hoping to get back to practice and competition. Thankfully, at-home hyperbaric oxygen treatments stimulate tissue repair and help an athlete get back into their game.
  • Improve Immune System Operation: Improved oxygen flow also helps enhance a person's immune system operation, which can help athletes recover from injuries. For example, a better immune system can help fight infections and potential sicknesses that may impact them while they're recovering.
  • Strengthen Muscles: Hyperbaric oxygen therapy may help strengthen muscles by increasing their oxygen flow. A heavy oxygen flow helps repair muscle tissues and can strengthen them back to full health. Athletes may use this therapy along with strength-building exercises to restore their bodies.

At-home hyperbaric chambers let athletes get this treatment when they need it and follow their doctor's treatment advice without worsening their condition. For example, they may get prescribed daily 20-minute treatments with this device at specific times. Rather than going to their doctor's office to get this care, they can simply receive it at home and minimize unnecessary strain on their body.

Considering This Treatment

Athletes seriously considering buying or renting one of these chambers may want to talk to their doctor to learn more about how it could help them. A physician can discuss the potential benefits of this treatment and outline them for an athlete. They may also provide a prescription that makes it easier for an athlete to get their insurance to cover the purchase or rental price of this tool.


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