Bra Shopping Before And After Your Surgery

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Bra Shopping Before And After Your Surgery

4 November 2016
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If you're about to have breast augmentation surgery, you know you need to get some bras to wear after the operation. But choosing bras for your new size is not going to be like shopping for bras for your old size. Not only are you dealing with a larger cup size, but you're also dealing with recovery from surgery and the presence of scars. You really need to find bras that will fit you right after the surgery as well as later on, and you need them to be comfortable and safe for you to wear.

Start Big and Go Specialized

You do need to wear a bra after the surgery. The weight of your new breasts and implants is not something you want to leave free, especially because you'll likely be sore after the surgery. Right after the surgery, too, you'll notice swelling that will take some time to go away. Start with a bigger bra than the size you asked for -- go up a size or so -- to ensure you don't compress your breasts and cause pain. Also try to look for bras that are made to have very good support, such as sports bras or specialized surgical bras.

Avoid Most Features

Also avoid most features like underwire, rough lace, and interior cup seams that rub against your skin (these are common on a lot of cheaper bras). These will only irritate your skin and potentially interfere with your incision points.

Have a Professional Fitting

As the swelling goes down, see a professional bra fitter to find out exactly what your size is. Despite the self-measurement graphics that you often see that tell you how to measure your own size, it's difficult to do that very accurately, and the charts don't account for personal quirks and variation—or the fact that each manufacturer may measure and size differently. A professional bra fitter (go to a department store bra section if you can't go to a specialty bra store) can help you find the right bra for you.

Pad Those Shoulders

The weight of your new breasts and implants is going to have more of an effect on you than you realize, including issues like causing your bra straps to dig into your shoulders more. You need to find a bra that has padded or wide straps so that you can get used to the new weight without hurting the skin on your shoulders.

Your doctor will also have a set of rules to follow after the operation that should include advice on bras. Bring any questions with you to your next appointment to be sure you know exactly what to do. Contact a company like Mansfield Plastic Surgery LLC to learn more.

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